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Lesson Policies

Online lessons are offered over Skype, Facetime, Zoom, or Whatsapp. 

Local in-person lessons are offered in St. George area and Cedar City area. Contact to set up meeting. 



I now offer three lesson lengths:

      • 30 minutes - beginners through Suzuki book 1

      • 45 minutes - Suzuki book 2 and 3

      • 60 minutes - Suzuki book 4+ to advanced

      • 90 minutes - College level to professional

What to expect: 


I design lesson plans and goals around my student’s individual needs, goals, and personalities. I believe there are several right ways to learn and it takes some time and effort from both teacher and student to find those ways. 


I use Suzuki as a base method, especially since it is used extensively across Utah. I supplement this with scales, etudes, exercises, position work, duets, and music theory study as well as ear training and sight singing. I teach arranging and improvising and we go over many genres of music together. 


Music is a winding, artistic journey. No two roads are alike. If you’re walking in someone else’s footsteps, you’re on the wrong path. 


Expectations for weekly lessons:

1. Bring all of your music and a notebook or practice journal

2. Don’t play while I am speaking - listen carefully and be engaged in your lesson

3. Unpack quickly and quietly and pack up promptly when lesson is over so next student can begin.  





There are three semesters: Spring Semester (Jan-May), Summer Semester (June-July), and Fall Semester (Aug-Dec). Each one will have its own recital. Summer recital is not mandatory and will be more casual, possibly outdoors. 


Contact me for Tuition rates


  • Full tuition for the month must be paid on the 1st day of each month

  • Late payments will be charged a $15 late fee

  • Accepted payment methods: Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, Checks, and cash

  • Tuition pays for a time slot that you sign up for and schedule with me

Makeups and Cancellations


I require 48 hours notice to cancel a lesson. Make ups are only offered if lessons are cancelled for acceptable reasons or if I need to cancel lessons. I will always try to be as flexible as possible and makeups will be scheduled based on my availability. 

Acceptable reasons to cancel:

1. Family emergencies

2. Illness 

3. Injury preventing playing the cello


Unacceptable reasons to cancel:

1. Forgetting the lesson

2. Scheduling Mistake - Example: scheduling something at the same time as lesson

3. Being unprepared for the lesson - not practicing


Tuition pays for a time slot that you sign up for. If you need a different time for a non-emergency reason, your other option is to trade times with another student.  



FaceTime and Skype lessons


I now offer lessons completely online if preferred or only option available! 

Other reasons to have an online lesson:

1. Can’t get a ride to lesson or car is broken down - other inconveniences

2. Student feels fine but might be contagious from illness. Keeps me and entire studio from also getting sick, but student can still have their lesson

3. Can stay consistent with lessons when I have to be out of town for a concert or student has to be out of town


The idea of an online lesson can be intimidating or strange at first, but everyone who tries it agrees that it is much better than having no lesson. With a decent internet connection, the only thing we can’t do is play at the same time, which I’ve found useful for the learning process. 



Parent Involvement

I strongly encourage parents of students in Book 1 - Book 3 to be involved in the student’s practice and lessons. I have seen a considerable difference in commitment and playing improvement from students whose parents come to lessons and take notes and also guide their child’s practice time at home. There are recordings of all the Suzuki Cello Books and I highly encourage parents and students to listen to the recordings regularly. There are also additional recordings on YouTube that can be very useful. 

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