Tuition for the month must be paid by the 1st. A late fee of 10% of your tuition will be charged otherwise. If makeup lessons are owed for the previous month, that will be calculated into what is due on the 1st.

$50/ 60min

$25/ 30min

Most of my students are paying electronically via PayPal, Venmo, Squarecash, or Zelle (WellsFargo). Check if any of these charge me a transfer fee, add that to your deposit or choose a different method of payment. Deposits must be made by the 1st. If you are going to send a check, it must arrive to me in the mail by the 1st. Ask for my mailing address if that is the case. I completely understand that money can get tight and things come up that make it difficult to make payments on time. If that is the case, send me a check on time and discuss with me a good time to deposit the check later in the month. That way I still have security for my income.

Lesson schedule and cancellations

I am an actively performing cellist, so I will have to cancel last minute occasionally but I will always make up missed lessons or credit it to the following month if preferred. Students must give 24 hour notice if they need to cancel or reschedule. There are no refunds for lessons you don’t show up to. I cannot resell the time that is lost when you don’t show up.

If you decide to leave the studio, pre-paid tuition is also non-refundable.


Regular practice from students is required and essential for improvement. For younger students, parental involvement is crucial. Help them keep a regular practice schedule in a place quiet place free from distractions of the home. Keep notes on technique tips to help them remember during the week after their lesson.

Short daily practice sessions of at least 30 minutes is better than a couple of long practice sessions a week. Don’t try to practice everything you were supposed to the day before the lesson. Start the day of the lesson when you get home. Try to practice at least 5 days a week. I can always tell how much you practiced!

Your lesson

Tune your cello before you come to your lesson. We tune to a 441 A. Use a tuner if you are uncomfortable without one.

When you show up to the studio, start unpacking immediately. It should only take a couple minutes. When the lesson is over, try to pack up quickly so the next student can begin their lesson on time.

Bring all required books to your lesson. If you forget your books, expect to play your songs from memory or work on scales.

If family or friends attend your lesson, which is acceptable, they must remain quiet and non-distracting.

Bring a positive attitude to the studio! The cello is awesome, and your lesson is a very short part of your day. You will get the most out of your lesson if you arrive wanting to learn. Have questions ready. Leave negativity outside the door.

Online lessons

When I cannot be in town because of a concert or other reason, it is required that you have a way to do online lessons, whether it is through Skype, FaceTime or Whatsapp for Android. Summer is the most common time for this to happen, but can occasionally be during the school year.

My responsibility

I guarantee I can make you a better cellist. I will always do my best to understand your personal musical needs and help you achieve your goals. If you don’t like Classical music but love the cello, that is okay! There are so many genres of music in the world. You don’t have to play all the same things classically trained cellists play. I am open to new ways of learning and excited to help you on that journey if you so wish.

Don’t feel pressured to be any certain type of cellist. Music is an art form, which means it is a way to express yourself. We live in a very different musical world now and I don’t expect you to play all the major concertos or sonatas in the cello repertoire if you don’t want to! My goal is to help you cultivate your passion and enjoyment of the cello, whether that is through the core cello repertoire, or through movie, video game, rock, country, or popular music.

Use what I teach you every day and I promise you will reach your goals! Let’s do this!