$50/ 60min

$25/ 30min

Tuition is due by the first lesson of each month for the full month. That is typically four lessons but can sometimes be five.

Four half hour lessons $100

Four one hour lessons $200

Checks can be made out to Jessika Soli or I accept cash. I also use Venmo, PayPal, and Zelle. Please check to see if these charge me before using them. If tuition is late, there will be a $15 late fee.

Lesson schedule and cancellations


I don’t require 24 hours notice to cancel. Just let me know you won’t be there before the lesson time itself so I can try to schedule someone else in. If I don’t get any notice, it will count as a noshow and there will be no make-up lesson.
Missed lessons (for vacation, sickness, emergencies, etc.) must be made up within a month of the date missed.
There are NO refunds. For example, if you decide to leave the studio and have already paid, that will not be refunded. There will also be no refunds for cancelled lessons that don’t get made up within one month of cancellation.
I may cancel a lesson when concerts or other projects interfere with my normal schedule but I will always make those up and there is no time limit on those make-ups.


Quality over quantity! Although quantity is good too 🙂

Your lesson

My main requirement is a positive attitude! Have an open mind and be patient with yourself. Cello is not for instant gratification. It’s for artistic expression. Enjoy the process of improving!

Online lessons

When I cannot be in town because of a concert or other reason, it is required that you have a way to do online lessons, whether it is through Skype, FaceTime or Whatsapp for Android. Summer is the most common time for this to happen, but can occasionally be during the school year.

My responsibility

I guarantee I can make you a better cellist. I will always do my best to understand your personal musical needs and help you achieve your goals. If you don’t like Classical music but love the cello, that is okay! There are so many genres of music in the world. You don’t have to play all the same things classically trained cellists play. I am open to new ways of learning and excited to help you on that journey if you so wish.

Don’t feel pressured to be any certain type of cellist. Music is an art form, which means it is a way to express yourself. We live in a very different musical world now and I don’t expect you to play all the major concertos or sonatas in the cello repertoire if you don’t want to! My goal is to help you cultivate your passion and enjoyment of the cello, whether that is through the core cello repertoire, or through movie, video game, rock, country, or popular music.

Use what I teach you every day and I promise you will reach your goals! Let’s do this!